If you've never had Avocado Tea, you're in for a treat! Our original blend, made from 100% organic avocado leaves, is refreshingly crisp and delicious - with zero calories. You'll get all the benefits from avocado leaves (see what others are saying), with none of the calories!


This tea is lightly sweetened with Biodynamic sugar, which comes from organic sugar cane plants squeezed and crystallized on the day of harvest. The natural molasses flavor in every crystal, when combined with our tea, creates the perfect, thirst quenching, taste sensation.

New Flavors Coming Soon!

The initial success among those who've tasted our Avocado Tea has encouraged us to work on new flavors. We're currently in the process of formulating both our new Citrus Honey and Blueberry Lemon flavors. Stay posted for the release date - they're coming soon!

Who We Are

We're a team of passionate individuals who thrive on health and vitality. Together we surf, skateboard, hike, mountain bike, paraglide, and really enjoy squeezing out the most we can from our great lives. Our love of avocados and tea inspired us to create AvoTea. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Organic Avo Tea Avocadoes

what others are saying

We're a small, local, environmentally conscious company delivering healthy, fresh quality products to the community - and our AvoTea is the first in our lineup. The avocado leaf has been brewed for centuries in the belief that it contained many health giving benefits, too numerous to list here. And with the organic leaves we use to create our tea, it also happens to be delicious. For an in-depth look into this fascinating history click on the link to your right.